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Have you ever considered spending some meaningful time alone in nature?

To reflect on aspects of your life and to ask yourself, "Where have I been?", "How did I get to this point?", and "What's next for me?"

Perhaps you need time to pause, to question, to mourn or to celebrate in some way the joy or heartache of the circumstances that have brought you to where you are right now?

vision fast

At Beyond the Threshold we offer a nature based program, called a vision fast, which provides the setting for some of these life questions to be self-investigated.

Your experience will span 12 days where you will be encouraged to cultivate a sense of self-trust together with an understanding of your unique gifts and place within society and the natural world.

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intentional day walk

For a variety of reasons not everyone is in a position to immediately consider joining us on a vision fast, therefore BTT offers a potent, intentional day walk as a way for people to experience some features of what the 12 day program offers.

Perhaps the single facet of a day walk that most separates it from a 'simple walk in nature' is intention. A person walks out early in the morning and spends several hours alone, fasting in the natural world, becoming aware of external signs that may mirror back qualities or aspects of one's inner life.

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what people are saying

Participants of our vision fast and day walk programs indicate they have rediscovered positive and potentially life changing aspects within themselves. Here are some comments from those who have gone before...

"Gave me the opportunity to 'reset' my vision of my life and myself"
"Experienced a real sense of contentment that has truly set me free"
"A profound experience that transformed, and continues to evolve, my being, knowing and living"
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