A Mothers’ Day in Nature

Gently connecting with Mother Nature

There was a Mothers’ Day with a difference in store for all who attended the Intentional Day in Nature on the second Sunday of May, 2017.

A beautiful day was laid out for those that gifted themselves this space and time of reflection at the beautiful sanctuary of Paruna. The lush surrounds and multiple shades of green nurtured by the welcome recent rains provided the perfect canvas for an honoring of motherhood and the sacred feminine.

The early dawn start provided a serene setting for participants as they stepped out into their chosen direction of wandering, wondering or just being with the question of what drew them on their journey this day. What would the natural elements reveal to each during the solo time?

After breaking the fast around noon we set up a council area in a wonderful shaded spot as the sun appeared and blessed us with its light and warmth. Laughter and tears followed as people were invited to share aspects of their experience in nature. A beautiful blend of story, insight, and observations were mirrored back by the guides in what was a smooth and connecting day in nature.

Reijer Groenveld, BTT Guide

Like to join us?

If you too are called to spend reflective time alone in nature, we would love to hear from you.