Coming To Our Senses

And so we sat in Council huddled around the warmth and the ever-changing direction of the smoke from our fire, twelve hardy souls, some from as far away as WA, NSW and the home state of Victoria. Low dark clouds parted periodically and shafts of sunshine highlighted clean, fresh swathes of the dripping forest and undergrowth.

Then, with some direction from the guides, people claimed the opportunity to be heard and recounted their experiences of being out on the mountain. As is the tradition of this ceremony, the guides then offered a mirrored version of some aspect of each participant’s story.

Laughter, wonder, tears or a different perspective emerged for the storytellers, providing further strengthening of the community with strands of respect, confidentiality and vulnerability.

Such was the final day of BTT’s Coming to Our Senses program hosted by Simeon, Kate and Wayne in the ethereally beautiful country of Mt Wombat in the Strathbogie Ranges, two hours north of Melbourne.

It was just less than 24 hours previously that we’d all come together, leaving behind work, partners, family cares and set up our sleeping tents around base camp. Once settled, we met around the fire and learned a little more of who each other was, where we were and what we were up for. All this was then topped off by some homemade pumpkin soup with fresh wholesome bread and the telling of a pertinent Norse myth by our lead guide, Sim.

Such a rich time together, one which will leave traces of its potency in all our lives.

Gary Williams, BTT Co-founder and Guide

Look out for more of these and a new 5-day program being dreamed up by BTT for 2018.