Crisis in the wilderness?

Wilderness emergency!

We heard the groans first and then saw the bloodied bodies as the smoke cleared. Some were motionless, one wandered aimlessly, dazed and muttering to himself. Another was screaming in agony, the bone below his knee shining white through raw skin.

Bloody hell! What had we come across? Could we, a group of trainee Wilderness First Aid responders, deal with such a nightmare scene?

Press pause button…

Even though this was a contrived scenario, there was no doubt our levels of nervousness and apprehension were ‘up there’ around our fears and capabilities in dealing with these injured people and not causing more harm.


Pause button off …

From a responder’s perspective, I was surprised that my personal distress immediately took a back seat. Once I had established a plan, I began to follow the stages and procedures laid down in our training. And it actually worked! Checking through the First Aid sequence we were taught enabled us to act, initiating the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

Training benefits

As a wilderness guide, I am prepared, my confidence is boosted and I know that I am able to effectively assist and support others in a First Aid situation…though I hope it never eventuates.

WFA bandaging
Karen helping Al with a sticky situation

In safe hands

The intensive practical training provided by Wilderness First Aid Consultants kept our specialised first aid skills up to date with current industry standards. It also reminded us to be creative with the limited resources often available in the bush, and the need to remain calm in a crisis. So rest assured you are in safe hands any time you come out into nature with BTT’s guide team.

Gary Williams, BTT co-founder and guide