Our first Young Adult Vision Fast!

Time to celebrate the completion of our first vision fast for young adults – what a milestone for BTT!

The question of how to guide the teenagers of our community into young adulthood was the initial impetus, almost ten years ago, for Gary to begin exploring the notion of taking people into wild nature for an extended period of time.

As that life phase seems to be occurring slightly later these days, we opened it up to 18 – 29 year-olds, and were thrilled with the group that made that commitment to themselves.

Settling in

Lead guides Reijer and myself, Glenis, were ably assisted by Karen and Gavin, with Gary and Bryce helping us set up base camp at Kokoro Retreat.

BTT guide Glenis at the young adult vision fast

Despite the drenching rain and over-curious cows, our wet weather gear, good gumboots, and even better humour saw us gathered cosily around the fire with a cuppa before nightfall.

Once our group arrived, stories, laughter, songs and drums enlivened the evenings during the preparatory days of the program, with the scent of burning balga (grass tree) resin sweetening the cool night air. As the surrounding forest began to offer up its hidden treasure, and the land worked its way into our beings, gradually we all responded to the gentler rhythm of nature.

Connecting with nature

The cows, who had their own fun with our camp over the first few days, were finally quietly escorted from the premises for greener pastures a little further away. Later, while we were still pondering the various blessings their presence brought, they were replaced by even more curious honey bees.

While we were curious about what nature might reveal of our own wildness, we were obviously a curiosity to the other wild creatures residing on that land, including kangaroos passing through, thrumming frogs in the nearby dam, and an abundance of birdlife.

Mother nature also showed her many and varied faces over the 12-day program through her realm of weather. Luckily, over the three days the fasters were out alone it was relatively still with clear moonlit nights. Their safe return was joyfully marked with a colourful array of choices for breaking the fast, and a gentle re-entry into our little community followed, with a welcome wash as they began their journey of incorporation.

Sharing stories

One distinguishing feature of this vision fast was the invitation for parents or other loved ones to witness a story each faster chose to share about their solo experience.

telling stories around the fire at the young adult vision fast

The story telling is usually, for me, the most profound part of all programs. But the raw, honest beauty of what these young people so courageously gifted, pierced the hearts of all present. With the knowledge of something exquisite and uniquely potent having been exchanged between parent and child…an offer of healing and hope for all.

Take a look at our next vision fast programs and find out more about the benefits of spending time in nature. We’d love to have you join!

Glenis Taylor, Lead guide and BTT co-founder