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"What happened as mind dissolved and my presence in nature became more than just a concept to discuss with interested friend and family? Whispers, caresses, heat of the fire, cold of the wind. Why would I want to keep myself separate from that which is me?"
Bruce A - Perth, WA
"While the shadows lengthen and the day draws to a close, the leaves glow golden and all is hushed in the haloed hour before we enter the night."
Roger J - Perth, WA
"From my heart I still don't know how deeply the experience of my Vision Fast has affected me. Now seven weeks since return, the clear strong space I found in the vast outback exists within me. The courage, will and honour I uncovered within, glows strong and true. It is my hope that the 'giving in' to the experience and 'allowing nature in' will live on in me."
Paul W - Canberra, ACT
"I would describe the Vision Fast as totally amazing. The preparation days equipped me with the confidence to go on the solo adventure feeling well prepared. One of my purposes for participating was to take time, without distraction, to go deeply into myself and explore my own purpose. Without interruption I was able to focus until I knew this process was complete. Since then I have experienced a real sense of contentment that has truly set me free. This feeling is still with me having a profound effect on all aspects of my life.

For anyone wishing to experience similar I recommend wholeheartedly that you take the journey."
Hazel R - Perth, WA
"To live the tumult of separation from the familiar can be traumatising.
To wander through an ordeal in the unknown beacons spiritual vertigo.
To face oneself and grow in ways not known possible before tempts pain.
And yet the return promises fresh eyes, a lifted spirit and broadened vision.
Wisdom is the friend of such tribulations. And the Earth embraces.

My Vision Fast gifted me thus. I was held at the edge of chaos with the deepest love, empathy and celebration that I have ever known. It is a journey for the bold, the heartful, the seeker. And one that Beyond the Threshold carries with the utmost grace, having gifted me with a journey like no other I have taken. "
Paul P - Perth, WA
"For me it has been like a whisper of truth or a gem box that stays with me and makes me smile like a cat when I take a peek.
The experience was like nothing I have touched before and the extraordinary subtle power of what happened out there
Has entered my bones and is working its magic ... even when I am too busy to notice.
I drew a line in the sand and it now gives me perspective."
Tim P - Perth, WA
"Time, Space, Commitment, Attention - these things we gave ourselves

A sense of Place, Welcome, Peace, Change - these things the wilderness gave us

Reflection, Passion, Ritual, Structure - these things our guides gave us

Laughter, Surprises, Raw Emotion, Energy - these things we gave ourselves"
Julitha - Perth, WA
"As she crawled across my arms I watched her heartbeat, the darting of her eyes, the sharpness of her tongue the deliberateness of her movement.

I saw the fragility of her heartbeat. I heard her speak I remonstrated but to no avail, when a lizard speaks, you listen!"
Simeon A - Victoria, Australia
"A profound experience that transformed, and continues to evolve, my being, knowing and living! Immense gratitude to our loving, wise and inspiring guides.....and our infinite teacher mother nature."
Women's Vision Fast participant - Perth, WA
"Some clever philosopher at some time said something like this:

"the best things in life can not be talked about, the second best things are always misunderstood so we spend our time taking about the third best things in life."

Six months after my vision fast I am still unable to find the language to describe my experience and if I do it is misunderstood. Something has changed in me. I don't know what that is but it feels like something more. My experience of the vision fast is beyond language."
Gordon S - Perth, WA
"I completed a vision fast in April '10 with Gary and Glenis over in the West Australian desert. I have come back about 4 kgs lighter physically and immensely lighter spiritually. For what is the first time in my conscious memory, I have my mission in this life. If I could put into words what that means, I would. I'd spend a lifetime on it though and it still wouldn't come close... This is definitely an experiential Quest!"
Peter L - Melbourne, Victoria
"My vision fast was a gift; a significant gesture of self care for both my body and soul. Being in such unforgiving yet beautiful country, with all my familiar distractions falling away, held me still long enough to see my life more clearly. I left the desert blessed and invigorated, with a deepened sense of my own story and the potential to carry it forward in new ways."
Richard B - Perth, WA
"I found the Vision Fast to be one of the single most powerful experiences towards gaining insight into my life and one that seemingly (almost miraculously) appeared just when i needed it most. It put an end to a long internal battle and allowed me to simply move on... with a greater sense of clarity and purpose. I found it to be a learnable, powerful traditional ancestral tool which can be applied to interpreting personal crises and empowered self healing. Overall, what I found was an exquisite connection with all 4 corners of my heart. If the challenge of doing a Vision Fast resonates comfortably within you, then it is probably the right time. It is a sacred teacher. Enjoy."
Marc A - Perth, WA
"I felt totally immersed in invoking the divine, both in preparation and de-briefing times, as well as in solo time. I feel that only by doing this, surrendering my human agenda, can I be my best self. To that I aspire. I am grateful for this opportunity to re-connect with that spark of the divine in me, and to recognize the same in others."
Jo V - Perth, WA
"Thank you for organizing & providing the ingredients & facility to enable nature to reflect back many facets of my life. When I left the city behind and completely immersed myself in nature at Paruna at daybreak I was provided with natures' many faces for reflections. What a luscious day integrating in all the beams of light. Blessings."
David D - Perth, WA
"It helped me discover I was just another wild creature wandering in the mystery and that helped me get perspective on the paradox that I was a tiny speck in the universe but still significant, especially to me."
Ranald A - Tasmania
"Being out in the desert without my usual comforts was an amazing experience. I connected with nature in a deep way. I loved my solo time fasting, with none of the distractions I normally have in my life. I came home feeling more centred, more connected and with enormous pride at my fearlessness. It was a wonderful gift and I would highly recommend it."
Sandra McN - Perth, WA
"The call was clear, no more procrastinating with seeking knowledge to find out who I am, just be who you are, directly experience it... NOW. The vision fast gave me more than I expected, anticipated or could have assumed. It unveiled and unravelled what knowledge alone could not, in the silence and space true nature emerged. This sacred time marked a rite of passage as I travel this life. The rumbling continues long after the vision fast ends, its essence reverberates endlessly, calling me home. Opening the door deals you exactly what it's meant to, though unmistakably it's wrapped in clarity and rapture, which are but a few of the gifts which leave me ignited. Enjoy your journey..."
Brooke W - Perth, WA
"Having had some time to reflect on the experience I am still receiving the benefits. The trigger for me was the solitude of the 4 days alone. Perhaps the life I came out of is totally over stimulated? I found the fast a challenge, not the food aspect but the being totally alone. While I am still on the road to wherever, I seem to have greater resilience to cope with what I perceive as blocks in my life. Not too sure how Christ did the same for 40 days, the whole experience was a step forward for me."
Michael D - Perth, WA
"As I continue to integrate my Vision Fast experience, I'm so grateful for the opportunity it gave me to 'reset' my vision of myself and my life. Not only did it come at a perfect time in my personal journey, but I also believe that this 'work' comes at time when our world really needs us to step up as leaders in our communities, in whatever way that makes sense to us. For me, the Vision Fast not only affirmed the trajectory of my own life, it gifted me with clarity, focus, confidence and hope for the future."
Anne-Marie H - Perth, WA
"Vision fast combines excellent design, meticulous preparation, ethical and skilled guides in exquisitely picturesque natural setting to create a safe and reflective space. The result is a deeply moving, clarity providing powerful experience which is positively impacting my life long after the event concluded. To me and fellow participants, it is a truly healing and empowering magical experience. I extend my deepest gratitude to Glenis and Gary for making this possible."
Raghav - Perth, WA
"How do you describe 'magic, mystery, heart, and community' as it actually is, in the starkness of what might be thought as desolate and harsh? The words don't do it... only the immersion in the shared experience of the Vision Fast. There is no place to hide! Our rich time together lives on forever in my heart."
Allan R - Perth, WA
When you guys first asked for a testimony my mind wondered and went into so many different places of space and time. The integration of the vision fast, for me, has been a windy road of ups and downs and interesting approaches to different needs of adaption. From what I see within self, and molding this into something I see as a valuable gift to my community. Some truths remain at the forefront of my thought."
Jake S - Bellingen, NSW
"Ten days of a strong process that includes earth survival training to be safely out of control in places and inhospitable situations, plus reconnection with personal mythology, with nature and with the sense of community belonging ... just as a rite of passage must be!"
Flavia V - Portugal

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Wellspring of the Earth by Jemah Orenshaw
Wellspring of the Earth by Jemah Orenshaw


Stand still. The trees ahead and bushes beside you

Are not lost. Wherever you are is called Here,

And you must treat it as a powerful stranger,

Must ask permission to know it and be known.

The forest breathes. Listen. It answers,

I have made this place around you.

If you leave it, you may come back again, saying Here

No two trees are the same to Raven.

No two branches are the same to Wren.

If what a tree or a bush does is lost on you,

You are surely lost. Stand still. The forest knows

Where you are. You must let it find you.

David Wagoner

...the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting--over and over announcing your place in the family of things.

Mary Oliver